nedjelja, 28. listopada 2012.

Weekend in Rovinj

Since school started two months ago, and summer is unfortunately over I decided to post my lost,
 but finally found photos from summer holidays!
 I didn't post for a long time so sorry about that. I didn't have time to post because of the school.
I like this dress because it's very simple and I can combine it with everything.
 These are my new babies - Miu Miu sneakers that i really like.
This look is very simple so I decided to put this cute pink necklace
 from Forever 21 to make it special.
This is my tipical summer look. It's cosy and simple.
Hope you like it !
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Wearing:Zara dress,Miu Miu shoes,Alexander Wang bag,Forever 21 necklace
Love -A

ponedjeljak, 6. kolovoza 2012.



I'm still at Murter, enjoying the warm weather and sea with my friends.
 I miss Zagreb and friends, 
but I want to stay here as long as I can. 
On the pictures
 I'm wearing black Forever 21 dress, Boutique 9 shoes and a new Alexander Wang bag that I adore.

Hope you like it. :)

Forever 21 dress
Alexander Wang bag
Boutique 9 shoes
Hermes ring

Love -A

srijeda, 18. srpnja 2012.

Finally summer

Right now I am at island Murter, and I will stay here for whole summer.
I finally have chance to relax and prepare for new school year.
I don't have time right now to write a lot becouse I am getting ready for a concert on the beach, but I will try to post something soon.
Here are some pictures from Zagreb.

Zara dress
Zara wedges
Chanel bag

Love -A

utorak, 3. srpnja 2012.


Hey guys!

Here are some pictures of my trip in Vienna.

Watching My Week with Marilyn  in the car.

I don't know where I bought these shoes,
 but they are my favorite sandals for summer.

My mum <3

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Macaroons <3

Zara shirt
Zara lace shorts
Chanel bag

Love -A

utorak, 19. lipnja 2012.

End of school


School is over!
On fall I'm going to high school, and I will miss my old school.
On thursday we had a ˝prom˝.
 We danced all night and had a really great time.
Here are some pictures

ELFS dress
Zara shoes

Love -A

utorak, 12. lipnja 2012.

Orange and pink

Hey guys!

Again I had no time to blog since is the last week of school but I will try more on holidays.
This is an outfit from last week.
I was in Vienna for the weekend so I will put some photos form the trip soon.

Killah jeans
Massimo Dutti shirt
Furla bag

Love -A

ponedjeljak, 4. lipnja 2012.

Sunny day

Hey guys!

Last weekend was very sunny,
 so I could finally wear new H&M shorts from the Fashion Against AIDS collection.
I combined them white Mango shirt and Zara ballet flats that I love
because they go great with a lot of outfits.
My cousin photographed me while I was in walk with my dog


H&M shorts
Zara ballet flats
Mango shirt